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    Mia Khalifa has been a focal point of many a man's life -- and not just here in America -- since her rise in the online porn world in 2015. Once a sweet burger-flipping gal, Mia has become the hottest thing on PornHub. Now, with the help of Michael McCrudden, we get 5 of the strangest facts about Mia Khalifa. And after you've absorbed these facts about the porn star, you should probably check out some Mia Khalifa GIFs, as well.

    mia khalifa hot, mia khalifa porn, mia khalifa facts


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    Seriously, guys? We all sit right next to each other. You couldn't just handle this like adults and talk to me about this face-to-face? Now everyone in the office is smirking at me when I walk by them in the hallway. And I had three meetings cancel on me today. (All of them were scheduled for after lunch...YOU THINK THAT'S A COINCIDENCE?)

    smelly bathroom, air freshener, paul

    What a bunch of dicks. I'm going to LinkedIn to update my resume and look for a new office that hires responsible and mature adults.

    P.S. I know it was you, Bryan. Asshole.

    Via Reddit


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    Finally, here's a pet who understands that human beings have deadlines to meet.

    A dog that was part of a team of pooches pulling a sled in Norway recently decided that getting from Point A to Point B was more important than stopping to take a proper deuce. Or by the looks of things, it might have been because it was colder than a witch's tit outside, and stopping to take a dump in such frigid temperatures would have meant his ultimate demise.

    Either way, a dog pulling a sled while pooping at the same time has to be one of the most efficient things we've ever seen.

    Hey, as long as it doesn't have a Taco Bell projectile crap on deck, then I say well done, Fido.

    h/t LiveLeak

    Pungent: US Airways Made An Emergency Landing Because A Dog Pooped In The Aisle


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    Well technically, any time a woman bares her breasts during a live news report is the perfect time.

    According to ARLnow.com, ABC 7 was doing a live report from Arlington, Virginia's Clarendon neighborhood Saturday night to recap the Shamrock Crawl that took place earlier in the day. Anchor Kimberly Suiters asked reporter Jeff Goldberg if everyone was keeping their clothes on, referencing earlier stories of several pub crawlers getting arrested for getting naked.

    And that's when this happened:

    girl flashes live news report at perfect time
    So, I guess the answer is no.

    Props to Goldberg, who not only was able to continue his report after just a momentary lapse of flow but also took a quick second to turn around and sneak a peek at the young lady who just made him a viral sensation.

    Oh, and if that picture doesn't do it for you, you can check out the NSFW video below:

    ​A girl showing the goods is a good way to disrupt a live news report. So is a dog on a lawnmower: Chill Dog On A Lawnmower Disrupts Post-Tornado News Report


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    Well, at least he was getting some exercise like his mom wanted.

    You probably shouldn't leave your keys inside the vehicle, because a kid may just stroll on by and steal it, and that's exactly what happened when an 11-year-old stole a cement truck from a local contractor. When cops pulled over the truck for speeding, the truck took off, hitting the cop car and starting a high-speed chase.

    Minnesota Cops Go On High-Speed Chase After 11-Year-Old Steals Concrete Mixer
    "It's certainly not your normal traffic stop, not your normal chase," Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose told KTTC.

    The sheriff says the kid reached speeds of up to 70 miles an hour, and it seems like he was having the time of his life while committing the crime.

    "I betcha he drove around town 6 or 7 different times," resident Troy Flatness said. "He was smiling, hooting and hollering...he was having a good time."

    Helicopters were actually called in to keep tabs on the tiny thief. The truck eventually came to a halt, but the kid wasn't done yet, as he took off running, before eventually being caught and arrested. The kid was taken to a juvenile detention center and has been charged.

    Check out hilarious footage of cops chasing the stolen concrete mixer below:

    KTTC Rochester, Austin, Mason City News, Weather and Sports

    Makes sense: Texas Man Leads Police On High-Speed Chase Because He's Sick Of Getting Arrested For Weed


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    Best VPN Service
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    It looks as though we finally have a reason to watch that show.

    According to UNILAD, smoking hottie/actress Olivia Wilde "sent the Internet into a meltdown" Sunday night after she went full frontal on the widely panned HBO series "Vinyl."

    Olivia Wilde nude on Vinyl, olivia wilde naked

    Olivia Wilde nude on Vinyl

    Olivia Wilde nude on Vinyl

    Now, for the completely uncensored pics, you can click on the link below. But this is your final warning that you will see some NSFW nudity. Cool? Here you go:

    Olivia Wilde Naked On "Vinyl"

    Since the series is set in the 1970s, Wilde couldn't do the scene without sporting a merkin, which of course is a pubic hair wig. Not a wig made of pubic hair that you wear on your head, but a wig that is worn by actors and actresses to make it look like they have a massive '70s bush.

    Wilde talked about the scene last week with Howard Stern and told him that the merkin was necessary because she's "pretty clean" downstairs.

    Most people probably missed Wilde and her merkin because they were busy watching the NCAA Tournament, but word quickly spread on social media about what was going down on HBO. There were thousands of tweets, but none of them summed up Wilde going full frontal quite like this one:

    (Photos via HBO.com/Vinyl)

    And here's a good reason to stay current with Victoria's Secret: Candice Swanepoel Poses Naked On The Beach For Victoria's Secret


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    Here you go (h/t UNILAD):

    olivia wilde nakde, olivia wilde nude on vinyl

    olivia wilde nakde, olivia wilde nude on vinyl


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    We don't live in a perfect world. As such, people seem to go out of their way to prove it with their awful, awful ideas. The following 13, for example, are piss-poor in virtually every way. Including literally, as you'll soon discover.

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, poop sink

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, white rights book
    It's offensive any way you look at it.

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, bug killer cooking spray

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, confusing elevator buttons
    Going up?...No, seriously, I'm asking. Da f**k is going on here?

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, tonix floor cleaner

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, face on window fail

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, minion shampoo blood

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, crazy stairs pattern
    We got a saying in my apartment complex: "You get drunk, you die."

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, toilet in open

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, super shitters shirt
    To dust off an old chestnut, it's a compliment any way you look at it.

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, karate sign fail

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, this table bent
    Eh, you don't like it, don't set your damn drink on it.

    horrible designs, bad design ideas, designs that were horrible misfires, toilet hole in door
    (via Imgur)

    Related: 10 Dumb Design Concepts That Came From Good Ideas


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    Everyone's got their sexual kinks. Some are just more extreme than others. The following people and their sexual proclivities prove that even the best minds can have a nasty side. Even a criminally perverted side, for that matter.

    James Joyce — Farts
    historical figure sexual fetishes, james joyce
    James Joyce was an Irish writer in the early 20th century who specialized in complex, stream-of-consciousness tomes including "Ulysses" and "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man." But some of his most scintillating scribblings arguably came from his love letters with his wife and muse Nora Barnacle, which underscored his mighty lust for farts. Let's take a gander at a few quotes:

    "You had an arse full of farts that night, darling, and I fucked them out of you, big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush from your hole."

    "It is wonderful to fuck a farting woman when every fuck drives one out of her."

    "I think I would know Nora's fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have."

    Interesting part is, all those excerpts were consecutive lines in one letter. Let's celebrate this influential novelist for his ability to coin new words for the English language. Namely, "farties."

    Adolf Hitler — Poo
    historical figure sexual fetishes, adolf hitler
    It seems 2016 is the year for pulling out embarrassing skeletons from the Führer's closet. We've heard stories about his tiny micropenis and his one ball, but did you know the famous Nazi had a lust for coprophilia?

    Dr. Walter Langer reported in his intelligence gathering "A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler: His Life and Legend" that Hitler loved nothing more than getting women to stand over him and let loose. Dr. Langer also noted that his niece Geli Raubal was even once on the wrong side of his poo-poo perversion (she committed suicide after one of their "sessions," which has led people to believe that foul play was involved).

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau — Spanking
    historical figure sexual fetishes, jean-jacques rousseau
    When 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a wee lad of 8, his adoptive mother spanked him. This seemed to have created a sexual blueprint in his mind that stubbornly persisted throughout his life. In his famous memoir "The Confessions," Rousseau wrote, "Who would believe this childish discipline, received at 8-years old, from the hands of a woman of 30, should influence my propensities, my passions, for the rest of my life, and that in quite a contrary sense from what might naturally have been expected?"

    Lyndon B. Johnson — His Own Penis
    historical figure sexual fetishes, lyndon johnson
    Lyndon Johnson was a giver. He was the engineer of the Great Society, which showered lower-class America with programs aimed at enhancing their lives, such as Medicare, civil rights, and the War on Poverty. One could speculate such a breadth of generous behavior stemmed from his deep happiness for his massive wanger.

    "If a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing all around still holding his member, which he liked to call 'Jumbo,' hooting once, 'Have you ever seen anything as big as this?'" said Pulitzer-winning biographer Robert Caro. One time LBJ was questioned about why the U.S. was involved in Vietnam, to which he replied by pulling out his dick and saying, "This is why."

    Chuck Berry — Bathroom Voyeurism
    historical figure sexual fetishes, chuck berry
    Chuck Berry is best-known for his hits "Johnny B. Goode" and "My Ding-A-Ling." He took special interest in the latter, going as far as to install secret cameras in his restaurant The Southern Air. He amassed many tapes featuring ladies undressing and using the toilet, and this cost his posthumous reputation dearly. In 1990, 60 women came forward and sued him; much like the disgraced Cosby debacle of today, Berry shelled out $1.2 million to his victims in damages.

    Benjamin Franklin — MILFs
    historical figure sexual fetishes, benjamin franklin
    Famous polymath and perhaps America's most celebrated Founding Father had a notorious sexual appetite. When he wasn't busy inventing things and politicking to the top, the man whose face is immortalized on the $100 bill frequented England's Hellfire Club, which was sort of like the Dead Poet's Society except with a lot of smelly hot sex. Allegedly.

    But let's get to the crux of Franklin's lustful quirks. In a letter to a younger friend, he espoused his penchant for dusty poon: "They are so grateful!" the letter concludes, after explaining that it's less of a sin to bang an older broad due to their experience. You can read 1745's "Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress" if you're looking for dating advice.

    Charlie Chaplin — Teens
    historical figure sexual fetishes, charlie chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin was married four times, three of which were to teenagers aged 15, 16 and 17. The bright star of the Silent Film Era was also known to have bedded more than 2,000 women, which is significant because he was 20 inches shorter than Wilt Chamberlain, proving height ain't no big thing, fellas. In between these legions of liaisons, he was married to Lita Gray, Mildred Harris and Oona O'Neill -- all of whom would be considered criminally too young by today's standards.

    Chaplin confided in a friend named Harry Crocker: "I have always been in love with young girls, not in an amorous way—just as beautiful objects to look at. I like them young because they personify youth and beauty. There is something virginal in their slimness—in their slender arms and legs. And they are so feminine at that age—so wholly, girlishly young. They haven't developed the 'come on' stuff or discovered the power of their looks over men." Great actor, funny funny man, but this gave me pedo-chills.

    Rene Descartes — Cross-Eyed Girls
    historical figure sexual fetishes, rene descartes
    The father of Western philosophy fell in love with a girl whose eyes were all over the place when he was young. After that, it was all over for him. Writing a letter in 1647, he stated: "As a child I was in love with a girl of my own age, who was slightly cross-eyed. The imprint made on my brain by the wayward eyes because so mingled with whatever else had aroused in me the feeling of love that for years afterwards, when I saw a cross-eyed woman, I was more prone to love her than any other, simply for that flaw..."

    Mahatma Gandhi — Slumber Parties with Youngsters
    historical figure sexual fetishes, gandhi
    Let us remember that times have changed, and more than 100 years ago it wasn't unnatural for a man to wed his cousin. But the king of nonviolent civil disobedience, Mahatma Gandhi, would go to great lengths to test his chastity, notably organizing what some have called "old man slumber parties" within his ashram. Yes, according to numerous accounts, Gandhi loved to nap naked with nubile groupies. According to founder of the Indo-British Heritage Trust Dr. Kusoom Vadgama, "Gandhi was obsessed with sex and it has all been hush-hushed for all these years. He had a habit of sleeping naked with women, including his great niece and other married women, to see if he could control himself."

    To witnesses, historians and even modern leaders, Gandhi pushed his sexual repression to the point of absurdity, going as far as putting his behavior in a category deemed "abnormal and unnatural" by the first prime minister of India. In all, however, these revelations don't take away from the leaps and bounds Gandhi made in securing independence for his people, "sexual weirdo" or no.

    Mozart — Rim Jobs & Scat
    historical figure sexual fetishes, mozart
    First Hitler, now Mozart; those damn German stereotypes just won't go away. Mozart's interest in butthole pleasures is well-documented. The classical-era composer who led a musical renaissance nearly 300 years ago even went as far as to create a work titled "Lick My Ass," an upbeat ode to analingus which was a favorite of his to play at dinner parties:

    Lick my ass nicely,
    Lick it nice and clean,
    Nice and clean, lick my ass
    That's a greasy desires,
    Nicely buttered,
    Like the licking of roast meat, my daily activity.
    Three will lick more than two,
    Come on, just try it
    And lick, lick, lick.
    Everybody lick his own ass himself.

    Music to my ears.


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  • 03/23/16--04:11: Today's Funny Photos
  • Much like the month of March, today's funny photos come in like a lion but go out like a lamb. Or, I guess to put it more accurately, they come in like a hot chick riding an inflatable dolphin and go out like a game of Scrabble with your mom. Whatever.

    hot girl riding dolphin, dolphin smiling, funny photo

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes
    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, please.

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes
    In case you missed them, here are yesterday's Funny Photos.

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes
    Related: Life In Canada Is A Little Different

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes

    funny photos, funny memes
    Don't fret yet. There are still plenty more Funny Photos to peruse.


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    Best VPN Service
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    Is a joke funny after multiple uses? Well, that all depends on the punchline. Fortunately for the "Make You An Asset To This Company" meme, it involves a rotating stable of rimshot jokes that never lose their luster. But just to be safe, we only included about, eh, eight or so. Enjoy!

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme thumb trick

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme balancing fat guy

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme tea kettle nose

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme eagle eyebrows

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme dmv worker

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme balancing cheeseburger forehead

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme wrench on nothing

    make you an asset to this company meme, asset to this company meme drinking four beers
    We'll get back to you.

    Now, get a haircut and get a real job: The 25 Funniest 'The Barber' Memes


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    poop purse tweets

    Meet Twitter user misunderstood worm. She's got a funny and witty Twitter account that she sprinkles with all sorts of hot selfies. But man oh man did she go viral yesterday for an entirely different reason. That reason: a horrific first date story involving clogged toilets and hiding poop in her purse. We'll let her tell the story from here.

    poop in purse date story

    poop purse story

    poop purse story

    poop purse story

    Let's all give her credit for her perseverance in the face of adversity.

    Via Twitter


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    Those who know me know that I enjoy some gamblin' (legally of course). Some even call me Gamblin' Gary. And because of that, I have a lot of experience in various sports betting leagues, pools and tournaments that simply make watching sports more fun. These exciting ways to bet on sports are for guys like me and my friends, not necessarily Vegas pros. So if you're looking for advice on how to make thousands upon thousands of dollars, I'm not your guy. But if you enjoy throwing 20 bucks into a pot with your buddies in order to generate some added interest, or friendly wagers that lead to eternal bragging rights, then read on. Let's make sports betting fun again. (Note: This also excludes any fantasy league information because you all should already know about that.)

    sports betting fun
    What to do: Sweet 16 Survivor/Takeover Pool

    How it works: Brackets are cool, but as many of you have learned, often your bracket gets busted in the first weekend and then you have nothing else to look forward to after that. That's where this sweet little Sweet 16 pool comes in. You'll need a nice round number of players; either 16, 8 or 4 (16 is ideal). You each throw in $20 and draw teams out of a hat. Whatever team you get is the team you are rooting for in the Sweet 16. However, don't feel bad if you get a team that you don't think can win it all (like Syracuse this year). You only need that team to win the next game AGAINST THE SPREAD to survive and continue. For example, if you draw Syracuse, who is a 4.5-point underdog on Friday against Gonzaga, you don't necessarily need them to win. You just need them to cover. So if they lose to Gonzaga by 4 points or less, you take over Gonzaga as your team and survive to the Elite 8. Whoever had Gonzaga is out. Players whose teams advance to the Final 4 get a payout, with additional payouts if they advance to the championship game and then to the National Championship winner. (Photo via CBS Sports)

    sports betting fun
    What to do: Head-to-Head Rivalry Betting

    How it works: I'm a Chicago White Sox fan and my pal is a Cleveland Indians fan. Because our teams are in the same division, they will play each other in the regular season 19 times. What you do is bet $5 per game throughout the season. However, if one team gets swept in a 3 or 4-game series, there is a $5 sweep bonus added on. Nothing makes a game between the Sox and Indians in mid-May more exciting than a few bucks on the line. Tally it all up at the end of the season and make the loser pay up.

    What to do (Option 2): Season Win Total Betting

    How it works: If your favorite team is the Milwaukee Brewers and your friend's favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds, God help both of you. But, one way to make watching games more fun is to bet a pizza on total regular season wins. If the Brewers end up with more than the Reds, your friend sends you a pizza of your choice. If the Reds end up with more wins, you send him a $5.99 medium zza from Domino's. What's fair is fair. (Photo via Yahoo! Sports)

    sports betting fun
    What to do: Masters Champion Snake Draft

    How it works: Winning a major golfing championship is hard, so it's just as hard to pick a golfer to bet on to win it, even the heavy favorites. So, bet on a bunch of golfers instead. Get a list of the odds of the top 50 golfers to win the Masters. Get four or five of your friends to join your Masters fantasy league. Do a snake draft so you each get 8-10 golfers to root for. If your golfer wins the green jacket, you win the pot. If none of the golfers you drafted wins, pay out the top two finishers. You can repeat this with all of the 2016 major championships if you'd like (and you probably will). (Photo via Fox Sports)

    steph curry
    What to do: NBA Champion Draft

    How it works: Much like with The Masters, this will be a snake draft. There are 16 teams that make the NBA Playoffs, so this works best with four people. Draw for your draft position out of a hat. Whoever gets #1 is a lucky bastard because they will most likely take the Golden State Warriors with the first pick. Continue though with the snake draft until all 16 teams have been drafted and each participant has four teams to root for. Whoever has the team that wins the NBA Finals wins an NBA jersey of their choice, paid for by the three losers. If I were to win this year, I think I'd go with the Chicago Bulls gray alternate jersey. But that's just me. Oh, and you can also do this for the NHL Playoffs. (Photo via Bleacher Report)

    sports betting fun
    What to do: Pick Two Horses

    How it works: "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports" is even more so when you have a horse in the race to root for (or in this case, two horses). The Kentucky Derby is limited to 20 horses, so you'll need 10 participants for this. Draw numbers 1 through 10 out of a hat. If you draw #1, you get the horse that is the most favored to win the Derby and the horse that is the biggest underdog. If you draw #2 you get the second most favored horse and the second biggest underdog. And so on. If you all throw in $20 that brings the pot to $200. Whoever has the winning horse gets $120, second place gets $60 and third place gets their money back. (Photo credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports/LANDOV)

    nfl and college football
    What to do: Shares Pool

    How it works: Everyone knows that the best part about the football season is betting on the games. However, unless you are a professional gambler or have a lot of money to burn, you probably shouldn't be throwing down a lot of cash on individual games (but if you want to, you need to get a bookie). What you can do, though, is join a shares pool. Sites like officefootballpool.com make this very easy. Basically, you pay an entry fee (anywhere from $50 to $200) to enter the pool and you receive 10,000 shares. You can use these shares to bet ANY amount on ANY college and NFL game all season long. But, if you lose all your shares, you are out. Whoever has the most shares left by the end of the season or is the last one to have any shares left wins. Depending on how many entries you have in this pool, you can payout the top 5 or 6 spots and the prize money can be rather large.


    What to do: Survivor Pool

    How it works: Survivor pools have become very popular in recent years and the best part about them is they are simple. You just pick one team to win every week. That's it. If you pick the New England Patriots to win in week 1 of the season and they do, you move on to week 2. The catch is, once you pick a team to win, you can't pick them again. The person who keeps picking winners and survives the longest wins the pot. Entry fees for Survivor Pools are typically $10 to $50, and some offer the opportunity to buy back in once if the team you picked loses, or you go to the consolation bracket. Payouts are less there, though.


    What to do: Bowl Pick' Em

    How it works: There are so so many damn bowl games that you can't possibly care about them all. Or can you? The 2016 season will consist of a whopping 41 bowl games (including the new College Football Playoff), and the best way to enjoy them is by joining a Bowl Pick 'Em Confidence Pool. Yahoo! Sports makes it pretty easy. Just enter the pool with your buddies, and pick the winner of every bowl game based on your confidence. So, if you have no idea who is going to win the AutoNation Cure Bowl (that's a real bowl game), you might rank that a 1. But if you feel strongly about who is going to win this year's Rose Bowl, you would rank that a 41. If you pick a bowl right, you get those confidence points. Whoever has the highest total at the end of bowl season wins the most money, and you can usually pay out second and third place for this, too.

    Now, get to betting, have fun, and good luck!


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    The best movie titles have hidden meanings. These films have names that are completely baffling at first glance, but once you dig deeper, they make sense. In some cases, they even enhance the entire experience. If you've ever wondered about the title origins of these mantastic flicks, consider your curiosity quenched.

    "Reservoir Dogs"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, reservoir dogs
    Quentin Tarantino is notoriously cryptic when it comes to explaining his movie titles. From the mouth of the man himself: "It's more of a mood title than anything else. It's just the right title, it just sums up the movie, don't ask me why." He had a similar response when asked about the title for "Inglourious Basterds."

    However, the truth comes from his days as a video clerk at Video Archives in Manhattan Beach, CA. In 1987, a patron asked him for a film recommendation, to which he replied, "Au Revoir Les Enfants," a French film. The patron now famously said, "I don't want to see no reservoir dogs." The random title stuck with him, and the rest is history.

    "The Pursuit of Happyness"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, the pursuit of happyness
    Chris Gardner did, in fact, come across a daycare center that featured the word "happyness" on the side of the building. But in an interview, he gave an alternate reason why he chose to purposely misspell it: "The Y is there to denote You and Your happiness. What makes You happy? Everyone who sees this interview is going to have a different definition of happiness. It's about You and what makes You happy...that's why we left the Y in there."

    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, gattaca
    The title "Gattaca" is comprised of the first letters of the four nucleobases of DNA: guanine, adenine, thymine and cytosine.

    "No Country for Old Men"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, no country for old men
    The inspiration came from the first line in "Sailing to Byzantium," a poem by WB Yeats:

    That is no country for old men. The young
    In one another's arms, birds in the trees
    - Those dying generations – at their song,
    The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas,
    Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long
    Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.
    Caught in that sensual music all neglect
    Monuments of unageing intellect.

    In the story, the title refers to the escalation of violence and the inability of the older generation to cope. Small-town sheriffs stand no chance against Anton Chigurh and legions of trigger-happy drug cartels. Tommy Lee Jones's character, who became sheriff at 25 years old, saw his job pass him by as enforcing the law became an almost impossible task in the face of modern crime.

    "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood
    As a parody of '90s hood films, this Wayans Brothers movie contains pieces of "Menace II Society," "South Central," "Juice," and "Boyz n the Hood." It even said in the trailer, "This is the only film this year with 14 words in the title."

    "Good Will Hunting"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, good will hunting
    Matt Damon and Ben Affleck didn't come up with the title. It came from a friend named Derrick Bridgeman. Bridgeman wrote a screenplay called "Good Will Hunting" about a "black kid in Roxbury who had a white woman photographer who takes his picture and then the picture becomes famous," according to Affleck. The two liked the title so much that they struck him a deal. If they sold the script, they'd give Bridgeman $10,000. They did, and Bridgeman received his check.

    "Army of Darkness"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, army of darkness
    Just as it was the third installment in the "Evil Dead" franchise, "Army of Darkness" was the third choice for a title. The original title was "Evil Dead III: The Medieval Dead," which makes sense considering it's set in the Middle Ages. The second choice was "Bruce Campbell Vs. Army of Darkness." Director Sam Raimi wanted to give an homage to the old Hollywood tradition of putting "vs." in the title (i.e., "King Kong vs. Godzilla"). But, they would have to settle on something that wouldn't confuse modern moviegoers, so said the studio. So they went with "Army of Darkness." It tanked at the box office, likely due to its disassociation with the "Evil Dead" franchise titles, but in time it became a huge cult favorite.

    "Cast Away"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, cast away
    "Cast Away" isn't how you spell "castaway." They purposefully made it two words to provide a double entendre. Like Tom Hanks' character casts away Wilson the volleyball through no fault of his own, Helen Hunt's character casts away Chuck Noland after she gives up hope that he's alive. Chuck Nolan is both a castaway and cast away.

    "A Clockwork Orange"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, a clockwork orange
    "As queer as a clockwork orange" is old Cockney slang that originated in East London before World War II. Writer Anthony Burgess thought it was perfect: "I've implied the junction of the organic, the lively, the sweet -- in other words, life, the orange -- and the mechanical, the cold, the disciplined," Burgess wrote in The New Yorker.

    Let's break this down as it pertains to the plot. The protagonist, Alex, goes by his baser instincts, or in other words, his "orange." Only later do the powers that be attempt to instill some "clockwork" into his mind as a way of correcting his naturally terrible behavior. That seems to be the question the film poses: What's more evil? Being an ultraviolent thug that adheres to his own free will, or a product of intense psychological conditioning to be rendered harmless? The story ends ambiguously, just like the title.

    "The Hurt Locker"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, the hurt locker
    The term "hurt locker" has special meaning among soldiers out in the Middle East. It basically stands for a situation that you don't want to be in. It's in the soldier vernacular; a world of hurt, in other words. As writer Mark Boal explained to The New Yorker, "If a bomb goes off, you're going to be in the hurt locker. That's how they used it in Baghdad." It could also imply a claustrophobic situation you can't escape.

    "The Breakfast Club"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, the breakfast club
    They're not eating breakfast, and it's not a club. It's after-school detention. Director John Hughes took the name from one of his friend's sons, who went to New Trier High School in Illinois. The staff and students nicknamed detention "The Breakfast Club." And Hughes shamelessly stole it.

    "Full Metal Jacket"
    stories behind movie titles, interesting stories behind your favorite movie titles, full metal jacket
    Stanley Kubrick is no stranger to strange names: "A Clockwork Orange," "Eyes Wide Shut," "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." This one, however, is simple. A full metal jacket is a type of bullet that consists of a lead core with a harder metal shell, often copper, used popularly during the Vietnam War. You might remember Gomer Pyle saying, "Seven-six-two millimeter. Full metal jacket."


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    Sure, girls love touching each other's boobs all the time, but how do straight women react when they are asked to touch a vagina for the first time? Well, now that's an idea that can go viral because pervs everywhere want to see it, so of course it was done.

    YouTubers Bria and Chrissy reeled in some straight women with what I assume was this fantastic pitch: "Hey, do you straight gals want to touch a vagina on camera for the first time ever?" Which is also how a lot of porn videos I've seen begin. Check out the reactions below when a bunch of straight women went exploring inside a vagina:

    It's nice to see women coming together...for educational purposes.

    Now here are some lesbians: Watch These Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time Ever


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    chipotle, burrito
    by Paul Ulane

    The food at Chipotle will give you E. coli. That should really be the end of the discussion. But since I still see lines of people pouring out the door from every Chipotle in my neighborhood, it appears the threat of sudden and severe watery diarrhea is not enough to deter people from ordering up a Chipotle burrito.

    So just what are these morons risking their sphincters for? If you've never been to a Chipotle, let me break it down. You will get half a spoonful of rice. Never enough. And if you ask for more, you'll be lucky if your server sprinkles in two extra grains on the meager pile that already sits on your tortilla. Next come beans -- a 30 percent bean, 70 percent bean-water mix that probably winds up looking more appetizing on the way out. If you want this horrific concoction Chipotle calls a burrito to be warm, you're shit out of luck, because the rest of the toppings -- especially the cheese, of all things -- will be ice cold and immediately cool off the rest of the contents inside your loosely wrapped tortilla until the whole thing is lukewarm by the time you take a bite.

    Oh, and guacamole costs one fucking dollar and 80 cents. What the shit is that?

    So next time you're hungry and you're considering going to get a fast-food chain burrito, don't forget: You can't spell Chipotle without E. coli.

    chipotle burrito, chipotle menu
    by Gary Dudak

    Nah, scratch that -- Chipotle is fucking awesome. There have been many days in my life where the only bit of happiness I felt was while I was eating a steak burrito from Chipotle. Because it's so damn good. That's why millions of people like me are willing to risk a tiny little E. coli outbreak to eat there. Well, that and because we're not huge pussies.

    Does my stomach hurt sometimes, often within minutes, after I eat at Chipotle? Sure. But that happens when I eat my mom's meatloaf, too. It's not Chipotle's fault that their ingredients are so fresh and delicious that our bodies can't handle it. So yeah, load up my steak burrito with rice, pinto beans, medium salsa (don't want to get too crazy today), cheese, sour cream and just a little bit of lettuce and I'll be on my way. It doesn't matter what the temperature of my burrito is either, because I am going to eat the shit out of it anyway.

    Ya know what? Throw some chips and guac into my bag, too.

    Totally fucking worth it.


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    I really try my best to stay out of wooded areas, mainly because I've seen "The Blair Witch Project" and understand that nothing good comes from the woods and I would most likely end up crying into the camera. That's what makes this story of an environmental worker who came across a cabin in the woods in the Arcata Community Forest so creepy.

    It is not legal to build a home there, but the cabin was hidden and well kept. No one was inside it. Take a look at the pictures and information below:

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    Here's the cabin where a serial killer may or may not have resided.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    The house was so camouflaged that the person who came across it didn't see it until they were 12 feet from it.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    Inside was very organized, and clearly the occupant was not a "Hoarders" participant.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    One of the books on the shelf was "Catch Me If You Can." No word yet if this was Leonardo DiCaprio's cabin.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    A lot of canned goods; looks like a shelf my dad made for Y2K.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    More crap a serial killer needs.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    While the cabin was found in July 2015, this to-do list found on the property dates the cabin all the way back to 2011.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    Here is where the occupant sat down to write his still unpublished manuscript.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    An eviction note was posted since the cabin was on public land.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    This is what the cabin looked like a month after being found, showing what workers assumed was the occupant getting ready to leave.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    Two weeks later the entire cabin was gone. No one saw the cabin's occupant leave, and no machinery was used to bring down the cabin.

    Mystery Cabin In The Woods Is Bizarre
    The next day it was all gone, and all that was left behind was the international squatters symbol. The occupant wasn't seen again.

    Via Imgur

    Can't miss this one: Family Builds Underground Apocalypse Shelter


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    Tinder is still the go-to app for men and women (mostly men) to look for some action, and while there are a lot of great Tinder profiles, including the 21 best profiles of 2015, the profile below will completely troll you before you even get a chance to notice.

    See if you catch it early on:

    This Tinder Profile Will Troll You But You Won't Even Know It Until It's Too Late
    Damn, John.

    This Tinder Profile Will Troll You But You Won't Even Know It Until It's Too Late
    Via Imgur

    It takes talent: These Tinder Girls Really Know How To Stand Out In A Group


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    Lindsey Pelas is the reason why GIFs were invented (along with Snapchat), giving us a little more than our eyes can handle with stunning photos in continuous motion. If you can get through these 10 hot GIFs of Lindsey (or even just the first one) without having to take a personal day, we applaud you, especially when you know you can go back and watch them again and again. She truly is one of the hottest blondes to follow. Thank you, Lindsey Pelas, for making our day with these sexy GIFs we don't deserve.

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs
    Watch Lindsey Pelas slow-motion bouncy boobs in hi-def with music accompaniment.

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas bouncy boobs, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas bouncy boobs, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas slow motion, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas cleavage, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs

    Lindsey Pelas gifs, Lindsey Pelas golfing, lindsey pelas hot gifs, lindsey pelas boobs gifs


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    Santa probably couldn't give two shits about any volleyball team at Ball State University, so by that rationale, we'll go with Letterman.

    Holy barbate beard and bawdy baldness, Batman! Take a look at what former late night king David Letterman looks like less than one year after retirement:

    Seriously, if you were to tell us that Letterman took his entire savings and put it on Michigan State to win the NCAA Tournament this year, lost and now lives under a freeway overpass just outside of Toledo, based on this picture, I'd have to think about it before saying there's no way that could be true.

    h/t BroBible

    A bald Jay Cutler doesn't look that sexy either: All 32 Of Today's NFL Starting Quarterbacks If They Were Bald


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