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This Is What Happened When a Guy Tried Wearing Men's Pantyhose for a Week

Calling all gentlemen who have been dying to wear pantyhose, but have been afraid of being ridiculed for wanting to wear garments usually reserved for women ...

Now that we have the attention of the three of you out there, your prayers have been answered.

Although nothing new, Mantyhose - that is, pantyhose designed specifically for men - are becoming more and more common, especially in Europe. In order to see what the buzz of these skintight leggings for men was all about, The Daily Beast's Jacob Tomsky (not pictured) decided to sport them for a week and report back on his experience.

The entire story can be found here, but here are just a few of the highlights from a normal dude spending a good amount of time in some hosiery:

In regards to getting into the Mantyhose:

You should probably lotion up.

How random females at a bar responded when the Mantyhose were brought to their attention:

"Darling, do not sleep in them. They will suffocate your feet, and you'll wake up in a terror."

"I think that's sexy. If I took a guy home, and he was wearing women's pantyhose, I would make him do some crazy shit in them."

And how a woman on a date with the Mantyhose man felt about her suitor's fashion decision:

Later, when they are fully displayed, she says something that is very easy to interpret.

"Seriously, take those goddam things off."

The final verdict, after Tomsky played drums in them, wore them to a professional event, tried to sleep in them, and couldn't figure out how in the world to wash them, was that Mantyhose are simply a terrible idea.

via The Daily Beast


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