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Everything We Know, Going Into the Final (Half) Season of 'Breaking Bad'

It's finally here. On Sunday, August 11th, everyone's favorite crystal meth dealers, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, will reacbreaking bad season 5 poster, remember my name poster, walter whiteh the end of the line. So, in giddy anticipation of what could easily go down as one of the most satisfying final seasons to a series in television history, we decided to gather up as much info that we could find on the show's epic conclusion, so you can be as prepared to say goodbye as possible. (Warning: POTENTIAL SPOILERS, but then again, who really knows?)

AMC Wants You Caught Up ...

Like any television station looking to draw in as many viewers as possible, AMC has provided several ways to catch up on all things "Breaking Bad" on the shows official website. These ways include Midnight Badness Late-Night Encores, aka the station showing reruns late at night, a full series recap in text form, as well as other ways to watch episodes. Of course, you can also catch the show on-demand using Netflix, which just made all episodes available, including the first eight of season 5.

... But They Aren't Giving You Much on the Final Season

As much as AMC may want you to tune in, they are clearly hesitant to give many details of the final season (or technically, the second half of season 5). Case in point, the promo posters like the one above and teasers for the end are quite minimal in terms of anything remotely being a spoiler. Heck, even this screencap from the show's first episode back tells us virtually nothing. However, the most recent trailer titled "Ozymandias" may give us a little glimpse into Walt's mindset going into the final episodes.

Prepare to Over-Analyze

Taking a cue from their other extremely popular series, "The Walking Dead," AMC plans to air an hour-long, post-episode discussion series called "Talking Bad" after each episode of the final eight. It will also be hosted by Chris Hardwick. However, unlike "Talking Dead," the "Breaking Bad" counterpart series will air an hour later than each episode, as they plan to air "Low Winter Sun," a new crime drama, immediately after "Breaking Bad."

Go Ahead and Get Attached to Saul

Just don't think he is any more or less likely to wind up dead when all is said and done with "Breaking Bad." While series creator Vince Gilligan is currently mulling over concepts of a Saul Goodman spinoff with fellow writer and creator Peter Gould, they are still unsure whether the series would be a straight-up spinoff of the series, or a prequel to it. No deals have been made yet, either, so while this final half of season 5 will certainly bring about the conclusion of the story, everyone's favorite slimy lawyer may live on beyond the end. (Related: More "Breaking Bad" Spinoffs)

Vince Gilligan Had No Clue What He Got Us Into

Sure, now he does, since the premiere is days away, but last summer was a completely different story. Remember the flash forward at the beginning of season 5? At the time, Gilligan didn't even have a clue where that story was going, or even how it got to that point. As for the ending and whether or not he had a set plan from the get-go, according to an interview with Vulture back in January, "It's just, I can't see my way clear to do that because the characters in 'Breaking Bad' are in a state of constant changejonathan banks, breaking bad mike by design." In other words, if the creator was unsure of where things would turn up himself, surely the ending will be a shocker for the ages. And fortunately, Gilligan has stated that he is "satisfied by the ending," as well.

Mike Wants Walt Dead

Okay, technically we are referring to actor Jonathan Banks, who portrayed Mike Ehrmantraut from season 2 until the seventh episode of the first half of season 5, when he was killed by none other than Walter White himself. During a recent interview with Zap2It, prior to his 2013 Saturn Awards win for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Banks was asked whether he thought Walter White should die in the finale. His answer: "One would hope. He's become the really bad guy." And Banks played Gus Fring's right-hand man, for crying out loud.

Bryan Cranston Will Direct the First of the Last

While everyone knows that Bryan Cranston is a phenomenal actor, he's actually made quite a name for himself as a director over the past ten years, with such credits to his name as multiple episodes of "Malcolm in the Middle," and other famous sitcoms such as "Modern Family" and "The Office." He directed the first episodes of both seasons 2 and 3 of "Breaking Bad," and directed the first of the final eight, entitled "Blood Money." You know, the one that airs on August 11th we're all waiting for.

The Show Will Go On ... If You Speak Spanish

Don't get us wrong, "Breaking Bad" will come to a definitive end, but "Metástasis," the recently announced Univision remake of the series, will only have just begun. Spanish-language actor Diego Trujillo is set to play the title character, this time named Walter Blanco, while Roberto Urbina will portray Jose Miguel Rosas, otherwise known as Jesse Pinkman. Of course, the success of such a venture is still up in the air.

You'll "Sh*t Your Pants"

That is, according to Aaron Paul. The actor has been quoted as saying of the final eight episodes, "You guys are going to sh*t your pants. [...] Before I read the final eight episodes - the final eight hours of the show - I was thinking to myself that this was so tragic. I can't believe this show is ending. I didn't want it to end but, after knowing how the final eight hours play out, I couldn't be happier with the ending" (ScreenRant). Coming from one of the main actors on the series, that means a lot. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Heart 'Breaking Bad'

We have to say, for two guys who already play the main characters of the hit drama, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul sure can't seem to stop themselves from geeking out over it. In fact, Cranston took a lucky contest winner for the ride of their life to the recent premiere party and also got a "Breaking Bad" tattoo, while Paul plans on hosting a screening of the finale for the cast and crew of the series at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery when it airs later this year. No word yet on if and when any more screenings will be held to the public, but keep a close eye on his Twitter for more details. Best of all, proceeds for both will go to noble causes. Gotta love these guys.bryan cranston breaking bad tattoo


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