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Porn Site Has New Live Search and It's Hysterical

porn md live search, teacher porn starEver wonder when you get done punching your clown if you're the only one out there who was searching for "teacher takes it backdoor" at that instant?

Thanks to PornMD's new live search, you can now see that you're not alone in the little perverted world you call life, as a real-time scrolling list reveals what other people around the world are searching for to help them get off.

And you won't believe some of the stuff that pops up. Sure, there are the occasional searches for the porn industry's biggest names, but the rest of it ranges from hysterical to "that guy needs some help." Take a look:

pornmd live search

We had no idea that Serbian porn and clips were in, in 2014. And we'll pray to Christ that the "grandmother" and "hot hairy 2" searches are unrelated.

Some of the other things guys and girls have searched for in the last five minutes include:

Huge round ass
Africa sexxx
Penis enlargement exercise
Jacking off in public
Chubby amateur
Cuckold anal
Arab maids

If anything, PornMD's live search is a revelation that you probably don't have as many problems as you thought you did. On the other hand, it can be a dangerous tool that just introduced you to the addictive world of witch porn.

(via Huffington Post)

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