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    I myself am not married, as I'm not ready to give away my happiness forever just yet, but while married couples everywhere can relate to some issues, there is one that seems to happen every night to every married couple.

    Check out the accurate comic below by cartoonist Adrienne Hedger of Hedger Humor:

    Married Couples Everywhere Can Relate To This Completely Accurate Comic
    h/t Huffington Post

    Good luck: Horrible Study Suggests The Happiest Couples Have Sex Just Once A Week


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    Whenever you get on a plane you can probably expect that there's a chance you will be seated near someone who has decided to do everything in their power to ruin your flight. But regardless of your experiences, I can guarantee you that you've never sat near the passenger in this story.

    Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos shared the picture below on his Twitter, a picture showing how Ramos was unlucky enough to get the worst seat on the flight:

    Ramos' Tweet went viral, with tons of people shaming this awful woman and her mane, and even offering solutions on how to deal with it:

    Not to worry, Ramos eventually got the woman to remove her hair from his tiny screen so that he could watch "The Big Bang Theory" in peace (probably).


    h/t Telegraph

    Or maybe he's the most annoying passenger: Guy Ruins Other Traveler's Flight In Most Horrific Way Possible


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    God knows why, but when regular folks like us run into celebrities, we simply MUST snap a picture. It doesn't even matter if the photo is any good (or if the celebrity is aware we are doing it); it has to be done. And hey, at least we now possess the proof needed to feel like we actually accomplished something by simply being in the same room as a famous person. Without further ado, here are the nine types of pics we take of/with our favorite celebs.

    They're right behind me
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, they're right behind me
    If only they knew how excited I am to meet them. Then maybe I wouldn't have to take such a horribly cliché (and obviously useless) photograph. Until the next time, Christopher Meloni.

    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, bigfoot
    Blurry, out of focus and maybe not even Channing Tatum. Now do you believe me?

    Unflattering is an understatement
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, unflattering
    Try all you'd like; there's no airbrushing this atrocity into anything presentable. Poor Susan Sarandon.

    Deep background
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, deep background
    Finally, the shoe is on the other foot and they are the nameless extras in my life. Sure, that's just Badger from "Breaking Bad" waaay back there, but let's pretend that wasn't the sole reason I snapped this picture.

    I'm not there
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, i'm not there
    Not a true "celebrity" so to speak, but I once took this photo of the "Full House" house when I was in San Francisco. The problem is, how do you know this wasn't just, oh I don't know, any picture I pulled from the Internet of the millions of photos taken of the house on a daily basis? Probably would have helped if I stood in front of it.

    Totally not them
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, totally not them
    But that's a whole 'nother story entirely. Seriously, though, who is that handsome devil underneath the Larry David disguise?

    Eh, they're drunk
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, they're drunk
    Or tired. Or hell, maybe a bit of both. In any case, they aren't going to remember, so why should I feel awkward?

    The miracle
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, the miracle
    You met a celebrity. It looks like you met said celebrity and asked if they would take a picture with you. They obliged, and it's evident that this is exactly how it went. Impressive...even if it is still a little blurry. And yes, that is Mandatory's own Gary Dudak with a female fan, whoever she is.

    The Buddy-Buddy
    types of photos you take of celebrities, cliche fan pictures with celebrity, buddy-buddy
    That's right, Gary and I are also best friends with Blake least, we'd like to be.

    (Note: These were all 100 percent real photos taken by my friends and me. We're all guilty.)


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    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    Living with another human being is somehow both the best and worst thing in the world. It's nice to have someone around when you're feeling lonely, but the moment you need to be by yourself, you can't seem to escape them. It's a delicate balance. Unfortunately some people have made it their mission to be the worst housemate this world has ever seen. Are you considering trying it out for yourself? Before you do, check out this handy guide that will teach you exactly how to become the worst roommate of all time.

    1. Laundry
    We all miss a week of laundry here and there, but not you. You haven't done laundry since 2009 and there's a trail of dirty clothes from the driveway to your room that's piled so high Donald Trump used it as an example of the wall he wants to build between the U.S. and Mexico.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    2. Dishes
    Washing a dish right after you use it is nice, but not always the most practical. Taking one day per week and doing all your dishes works just fine. You know what doesn't work? Covering every single dish in the house with melted nacho cheese from making your own stupid nachos in the microwave on a constant basis. Then, to make it even better, you pile them all in the sink like some magical dish genie is going to swoop in and make all the messes go away. You're the reason paper plates were invented.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    3. The Common Area
    You all have your rooms, but the common area is the spot for everyone to use and all pitch in to keep clean. Instead, you just turn it into Your Room 2.0 and toss so much of your junk in there that it looks like a locker from "Storage Wars" that absolutely no one would want to bid on. Thanks for making our home look like a makeshift flea market from hell.

    4. Noise
    It's not that big a deal if you don't realize your TV show was a little loud at 6 p.m. Enjoy yourself. Those things happen. What you do, however, is a little worse. You roll up at 2:30 a.m. blasting an EDM track that sounds like a dozen spoons being shoved into a garbage disposal while you are apparently doing backflips from one side of the house to the other. Best of all, it's a Tuesday night. Don't you work tomorrow, you goblin?

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    5. Trash
    It takes 18 seconds to take a full trash bag from the kitchen to the trashcan outside the door. 18 seconds. You know what takes even longer? Cleaning up Mt. Trashmore that tumbled all over the floor because, instead of just replacing the bag, you started this garbage Jenga game where you stack all of it into a disgusting tower that's going to topple over if a gentle breeze flows through the room.

    6. Food
    What's that you're cooking? Skunk and onion stir-fry? No thank you. I'm not very hungry, but I do appreciate the smell that's going to strip the paint off the walls for the next 11 days. That's fun!

    7. Your Food
    Why go grocery shopping when you could just forage off your other roommates' food like some sort of mutant raccoon? You either eat the whole thing and barely hide the evidence, or you take little bites off all of it and hope no one notices. You just blame it on a mouse. There's no mouse. We all know this, pal.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time

    8. Friends Over
    Having a friend or two over for movie night is great. Maybe we can all watch it together and become a fun group of friends! That's not your plan. Instead, you bring over a dozen contestants from the "Let's See Who Can Talk The Loudest With No Regard To Anyone Else" awards that most people aren't aware of, but absolutely exist.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    9. Privacy
    Closed doors? Means nothing.
    Lights off? I'm coming in anyway.
    A sign that says DO NOT ENTER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE? Looks like a personal invitation to me!

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    10. Bills on time
    Rent is due on the first, so that means you're going to have that payment in right around the 19th. To make it even better, you don't pay in a convenient way or electronically. Instead, you have two buckets of loose nickels that I'm going to assume you fished out of local wishing wells. Thanks for that.

    11. Girlfriend
    I'm so glad you have a girlfriend, but if you could please not dry hump on the couch next to me while I'm watching debate coverage, that would be amazing. Of course you're going to keep doing it. Then you're going to move it to your room and have the most audible, headboard-rattling sex that's ever been imagined. I don't know if I should congratulate you guys or call the cops and report a murder.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    12. Paying bills
    "The water bill was $18, but technically I was gone two days this month, so my part of the bill should be less than everyone that was here for the full month. This is something I believe because I am absolutely a demon spawn from the depths of the abyss."

    The Ultimate Guide to Being the Worst Roommate of All Time
    13. You don't realize it
    Maybe the worst roommates of all are the ones that have no idea they're cretins. They walk around every day, clueless to the anguish and sorrow they inflict on those that sleep mere feet away from them. You can't correct that which you don't know is broken. And that, my friends, is the scariest monster of all. Now go clean your room, you orc.


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    Bill Cosby can rest easy. This year.

    According to Austin Inno, an Austin-based company called Bag of Dicks says they will be sending more than 10,000 bags of gummy candies shaped like penises to Donald Trump and Kanye West on April Fools' Day.

    Trump and Kanye getting bags of dicks
    As part of their "Buy One Give One" promotion, consumers could purchase a $14 bag of candy dicks and anonymously send them to anybody. The folks at Bag of Dicks then matched that purchase by promising to send another bag of candy cocks to Trump and Kanye, who edged out Justin Bieber and Nickelback in their "Final Four" voting system.

    More than 15,000 votes were cast this year, and it looks as though Cosby, Josh Duggar, Tom Brady, Jared Fogle, Nicki Minaj, Kim Davis, Drake's dance moves and every Kardashian and Jenner were spared this time around.

    Each bag of dicks apparently contains 100 penis-shaped gummy treats, so that means Bag of Dicks will be sending Trump and Kanye more than one million little candy peckers.

    "Let that sink in...A MILLION F*CKING DICKS," the company said on their website. "300 calories in each bag = 3,000,000 CALORIES OF DICK.

    It's unknown if Trump will actually eat the dicks when they arrive on his doorstep or if he'll send them to his good pal Ted Cruz as a reminder that there is no problem with the size of his hands.

    Donald Trump can also be a stocking stuffer. Literally: Mexican Immigrant Creates Donald Trump Butt Plug


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    Turns out that buying a few cans of Best Choice green beans ironically was not the best choice a Midwest City couple made over the weekend.

    Hell, it wasn't even a good choice.

    According to KFOR-TV, Chelsea and Andrew Belflower were preparing an Easter feast but got a little more protein than they wanted when they opened a can of Best Choice cut green beans, poured them into a crock pot and noticed there was a severed mouse head accompanying their vegetables.

    Oklahoma couple finds mouse head in their can of green beans
    "We started opening them and putting them in the crock pot and by about the fourth can, something dumped out into the crock pot, and my husband noticed it and said, 'What is that?'" Chelsea told a local television crew.

    Yeah, that "that" turned out to be none other than a mouse head, and there was even a mouse leg to go along with it.

    "I just noticed there was something black in the green beans and was like that's not normal," Chelsea's husband Andrew said. "So I picked it up and threw it. Mouse head!"

    The Belflowers said they contacted Best Choice, but they were unable to speak with anybody over the weekend. A company spokesperson has since said cans of their green beans would be pulled from store shelves in Oklahoma.

    The couple also said they managed to save their meal thanks to some baked beans, although we're pretty sure their guests had lost the majority of their appetite by then anyway.

    And how about that human blood in your Taco Bell: The 10 Grossest Things People Found In Fast Food


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    Let us do a little clarifying on that headline right out of the gate: This isn't an actual volleyball match no matter how much we wish it was. Back in 2014, the official TV station of Brigham Young University (BYUtv) posted a hilarious viral video featuring fictitious Yale soccer goalie Scott Sterling using his face for hands as he lead his team to a bruised and bloody win. Cut to two years later and you have Sterling again putting his mug to the test, this time on the volleyball court. Let's see how it plays out for him.

    While that may have gone exactly the way you expected, it went exactly the way you expected. Enjoy watching several more times as I plan on doing.

    (h/t USA Today)

    How can you resist?: Perfectly Timed Shots of People Getting Hit in the Face With Stuff


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    I'm sure you think you've seen every version of a selfie a person can take, from selfies while giving birth to selfies after accidents. But something tells me you've probably never seen anything like this: a man taking a smiling selfie with an airplane hijacker. Yep, welcome to today's world.

    Earlier today a tense standoff took place after a man named Seifedeen Mustafa hijacked an EgyptAir flight. That should be a pretty scary situation, but it didn't bother 26-year-old Ben Innes, who instead decided that this was the perfect time to go viral.

    Check out the surreal picture below thanks to Lee Michael Conway:

    British Hostage Takes Smiling Selfie With Hijacker Strapped With A 'Suicide Belt'
    No word yet on why the hell Innes would be OK doing this, but chances are he had already learned that the "suicide belt" was a fake and Mustafa was just an idiot causing a commotion for no reason.

    Also, this has yet to be confirmed as legit, but is apparently a text exchange between Innes and his friend about taking the photo with the hijacker:

    ben innes hijacker photo, ben innes text
    The standoff between Mustafa and police ended after six hours and saw Mustafa hold 62 passengers hostage, with Innes believed to be one of the last ones allowed to step off the plane.

    It's easy to laugh this one off knowing everyone is OK now, but man, that's a selfie that will at least go down as one of the most memorable moments in Innes family history.

    h/t Gizmodo

    More bizarre selfies: The Definitive Ranking of the 50 Worst Selfies Ever Posted on the Internet


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    If straight women touching a vagina for the first time isn't your thing, perhaps you'd prefer a bunch of women trying on a pair of vibrating panties for the first time. Because sometimes regular panties just aren't exciting enough.

    Thanks to Buzzfeed Yellow we now get to see women try on these panties at work, at home and out in public and then describe the ups and downs of wearing underwear that vibrates on your goods. Check out the video below:

    Kudos to the girl who said, "No one died." That's the positive outlook everyone needs, especially when parading around with vibrating underwear.

    First time for everything: Watch These Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time Ever


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    The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the snot out of the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre last night thanks in large part to Russell Westbrook's 16th triple-double of the season.

    And speaking of snot, it looks as though at least one fan had quite a bit of it plugging one of his nostrils, so much so that TV cameras picked him up sitting over Luis Scola's shoulder and digging for gold not once, but twice:

    Seriously, this is why I am done shaking hands in 2016. If this is what this guy is doing in front of almost 20,000 people, imagine what's going down once he gets inside a men's room. There's almost zero chance that he's washing his hands after he's done seeing a man about a horse.

    h/t Barstool Sports

    The big story was the glob of snot hanging from this poor woman's nose: This Reporter Had A Major Snot Problem On Live TV


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    Not too many people are high on the Philadelphia Phillies this year, and that's probably because their roster is for the most part made up of minor league talent and veterans who hit their prime when Bush was still in the White House.

    But this dog and his two owners couldn't give two shits if the Phillies win 12 games or 120 in 2016. If the woman's perma-smile doesn't give you that impression, then Keith Hernandez's doppelgänger and his early-1980s mullet and state trooper mustache combo should do the trick.

    And then, of course, there's the pooch who looks like he took three or four pulls off a joint from Willie Nelson's personal stash. I mean, look at the state of euphoria this dog was in despite the fact that his beloved team was scoreless through seven innings:

    chill dog at a phillies game
    This screenshot makes me so jealous, although I'm not sure if it's because that dog looks like he's in a state of happiness that could only be obtained if my wife invited her best friend to spend the night with us or if it's because that mustache is so damn impressive.

    h/t Deadspin

    And here's a dog having sex with a turkey: Dog Humps Thanksgiving Turkey, Mom Still Serves It


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    The year 2016 might be younger than a girl R. Kelly likes to urinate on, but it looks as though we've already found High Times' "Dog of the Year."

    According to UPI, a family in Ellisville, Mississippi, alerted authorities after their dog came home with a bag in its mouth that had more than one pound of marijuana inside of it.

    Dog brings home pot
    The dog's owner told the Jones County Sheriff's Office that he thought his pooch had initially wandered home with a bag of garbage in its mouth, but upon further inspection, it turned out to be more than a pound of the devil's lettuce.

    Police said they're working to find out where in hell the bag of weed came from. In a related story, we're wondering why in hell the owner called the police.

    Boasting about selling weed on Facebook turned out to be a rad idea, brah: Florida Man Arrested After Bragging About Selling Drugs On Facebook


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    Everyone loves witnessing a good scare, but does the setup really matter? We say it doesn't, and with it being April Fools' Day and all, let's just cut to the chase and get to the meat of every hilarious prank -- the payoff. Oh, and be on the lookout today. I don't want to be throwing your ugly mug into one of these collections next year.

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, mask scare doorway

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, frightened man box prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, dinosaur prank bench

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, fridge scare prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, lifting weights bug prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, mattress prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, head under cloth prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, mask scare chair fall

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, bench scare prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, stranger in bed prank

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, werewolf office prank
    Just remember, it's never too late to turn the tables.

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, fake seizure prank
    And in case you were wondering why we didn't include animal pranks:

    funny scare prank gifs, aprils fools gifs, bulldog maze prank fail
    Of course, if you're a sucker for the full effect: 35 Very Funny Prank Gifs


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  • 04/01/16--04:55: Today's Funny Photos
  • It's Friday and you don't want to work or try hard at anything or read my stupid intro paragraph, so let's get down to what really matters: today's funny photos. Scroll down the page to make your life better and we'll see you on the other side of the weekend.

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics
    Follow Mandatory on Instagram.

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics
    Follow Mandatory on Twitter.

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics

    funny pics
    More funny photos are only one click away.


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    For the Gallagher family, South Side Chicago living is usually very up and down. Okay, it's down and then really down, but always with a glimmer of humor behind it. Season 6 has really seen a ramp-up with the drama, as the finale rounds the corner with Frank -- spoiler! -- putting the hit out on his future son-in-law, Sean (Dermot Mulroney). Despite being old enough to be his brother, Sean is not the likely victim, as we suspect Frank's poor fathering will instead end in the demise of one of his own. But who? Here is a ranking of the characters most likely to get shot on the "Shameless" season 6 finale and why. Watch Showtime on Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. to find out how wrong we are.

    6. Sean
    shamless tv show characters, shameless season 6 finale
    Let's say Frank's plan actually does go accordingly (which it probably won't), then it becomes more about Fionna's inability to find happiness as long as Frank is in her life. That, and the hunt for the truth behind the shooting will be a major premise for the show's seventh, and possibly final, season. Sean is the embodiment of all that Fionna deserves, and as the world's worst father, it may be Frank's duty to take that away. Fans of the show want to see Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) make his return before the show's end, which may or may not be in the cards for Fionna.

    5. Ian
    shamless tv show characters, shameless season 6 finale
    The hot-headed ginger (Cameron Monaghan) has gone from down to up, making his way quickly into the world of EMTs, just before getting the boot for lying on his application (lying by omission about his bipolar disorder). With Ian having nowhere to turn and at an all-time low, he'll either talk his way back in with the EMTs, or perhaps his fate best lies in taking his leave.

    4. Carl
    shamless tv show characters, shameless season 6 finale
    This season, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) has been the all-star, coming out of juvey with cornrows in tow and owning both his school and now his family's house. After getting scared straight, Carl took up an interest in police work and is starting to make strides at being a reliable figure at the homestead, thanks to the mighty wisdom of his new girlfriend's disgruntled father. Carl could easily step in and take one for the Gallagher family. He's already been the man all season; why not keep it going in the finale?

    3. Lip
    shameless lip fuck you shirt, shameless lip gif
    Episode 11 focused in on Lip's (Jeremy Allen White) daddy issues and drinking problems, him kicked out of his TA job, possibly losing his scholarship and getting arrested for drunkenly vandalizing his professor's car after a tumultuous teacher-student relationship earlier in the season. With Lip losing direction, we might see his life take another 180-degree turn and be on the receiving end of Frank's mistakes, yet again.

    2. Frank
    shamless tv show characters, shameless season 6 finale
    Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) may be one of TV's worst dads, but he's also freakishly cursed with a good conscience, which he attempts to defy on a daily basis. The episodes leading up to the finale showed Frank doing the unseen: attempting to bankroll Fionna's wedding, aiding a pregnant Debbie during childbirth and helping Carl get out of the drug game. In the end, his motives are usually realized as being self-centered, but his conscience seems to keep growing as his kids continue to flourish away from the coop.

    When he took the willing train stranger up on his offer to take out Sean, it was done out of jealousy for being pushed out as man of the house, along with a bit of rare booze in his system. When Frank comes to, his conscience will kick in last minute, and he'll end up reaping what he's sewn. This season will end with Frank either in jail, in the hospital after being shot himself, on the run or holding in a big secret.

    1. Fionna
    shamless tv show characters, shameless season 6 finale
    Finn Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) has played the responsible big sister and stand-in mother, but this season saw her kids (siblings) outgrow their need for her. When her big wedding day gets ruined, another relationship failed, it'll likely be Fionna who draws the short straw. Whether it's in the loss of a (finally) decent guy or getting caught in the crosshairs, she will once again be the victim of being a Gallagher.

    More predictions: 'Better Call Saul' Season 2 Predictions


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    Another week, another batch of the most hilarious tweets, compiled just for you. Be sure to follow these guys and gals, and check back here every week for more jokes you can tell your friends and pretend you came up with them. They'll think you're hilarious, but inside you'll be cold and dead.

    Follow @robfee on Twitter.

    Want more? Check out last week's hilarious tweets.


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    Well, that's certainly a party he won't forget.

    For some reason, a Tampa Bay mom thought it would be a fantastic idea to hire a stripper for her son -- her 8-year-old son.

    Florida Mom Hires Stripper For 8-Year-Old's Birthday Party
    The original video (which has since been deleted) was posted a few days, and went viral, with tons of people calling the mom out for her completely dumb decision.

    The boy is clearly having a good time, as he and his friends throw money at the stripper, who continues to twerk her an 8-year-old's face.

    People are now questioning whether charges should be brought for sexual involvement with a minor.

    Check out a small quick video of the uncomfortable and bizarre encounter below:

    Something tells me this mom was behind this....

    Florida Mom Hires Stripper For 8-Year-Old's Birthday Party
    h/t Bro Bible

    Let them enjoy their last few years: Nursing Home Being Sued Hiring Male Strippers


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    Hey, people who have a strong affinity for all things corn -- today is your lucky day. Why you ask? Because the nice, horny folks at Pornhub have turned their popular website into Cornhub.

    Pornhub Has Now Become Cornhub So Get Ready For Some Filthy Corn Content
    Instead of a bunch of naked people flopping around on each other, and questioning their life decisions, the front page of Cornhub features a bunch of videos of corn getting down and dirty.

    The folks at Pornhub actually took the time to make corn-porn videos for your viewing pleasure, so head over there and go nuts.

    And for those that are logging onto Pornhub and expecting some dirty porn, I'm sure clicking far enough into the site will get you right back on track to those hot, naked videos.

    Pornhub Has Now Become Cornhub So Get Ready For Some Filthy Corn Content
    h/t Mashable

    Innovators: Pornhub Has Created A Twerking Butt Sex Toy


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  • 04/01/16--06:20: 10 Saucy Snapchat Scandals
  • If you're looking for a sexy Snapchat scandal, we've got 10 of them here for you. From edited Snaps to leaked Snapchat sex videos to teachers getting hauled out for their dirty snaps, we've got a little bit of everything. Whether you're into celebrity scandal, P.E. teachers getting frisky or nipple piercings, it's highly unlikely you'll leave this Snapchat scandal roundup unhappy.

    College Students Snap Stadium Sex Session
    Snapchat Scandals
    Two students at the University of Tennessee broke into their school's football stadium on Valentine's Day and had sex, which they put on Snapchat, in the box seating. Tennessee fans must've been proud, especially when they saw the great pun that was used (the Tennessee Vols is their team name). How about our use of the term "box seating?" Pretty good, huh?

    Professor Fired for "Snapping It On"
    Snapchat Scandals
    Yeah, we just came up with that term. A college professor was fired after he snapped himself getting it on with one of his students. From the stills and small amount of sexy video we have of her backside, we can at least say it was probably worth it. If it were a high school teacher, it'd be the worst thing ever, but this...this isn't so bad. They probably threw him a party.

    Gigi Hadid Allegedly Doing Drugs
    Snapchat Scandals
    During a 2015 Victoria's Secret PINK Show, Gigi Hadid was snapped by Cody Simpson (her boyfriend who was hosting the Miami Spring Break event) doing what appears to be drugs behind a DJ booth. Hadid was outraged, claiming she is not a drug user. We're not sure what other activity involves that posture, but if she says she's not into the booger sugar, we might as well believe her.

    Florida P.E. Teacher Learns the Hard Way
    Snapchat Scandals
    Dionne Younce was a 28-year-old physical education teacher at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida, who was suspended in January and fired in February for sending inappropriate photos to more than one of her male students. As of January, she was not yet arrested during the investigation but is possibly facing multiple felony charges.

    Kylie Jenner "High AF" and Nipple Piercings
    Snapchat Scandals
    The Jenners are all about grabbing people's attention. Kylie Jenner, in particular, has been known to do and say just about anything on Snapchat photos. One leaked video caught her allegedly talking about how she was "high as f*ck," but she claims she was saying "good as f*ck" in reference to food she was eating at the time. She also debuted her nipple piercings, along with more than a dozen other scandalous Snapchat moments, back in 2015. Careful, she was only 17 at the time.

    Kaitlyn Bristowe's "Bachelorette" Fail
    Snapchat Scandals
    Anyone who's anyone knows that in season 11 of "The Bachelorette," Shawn B. won the final rose. But many fans got the spoiler ahead of time when they accidentally snapped some leaked photos of them to their producer. It seems they wasted everyone's time, but then again, everyone loves a good Snapchat scandal. We're not sure who's dumber: the people who screwed that up or the people who care.

    Calum Hood's Peen
    Snapchat Scandals
    The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist gave Snapchat folks 6 seconds of peen in 2014. Instead of making lame excuses, he owned it and responded to the pandemonium with "at least you know what it looks like now." See, this is what bassists have to do for attention nowadays.

    Zoella in Her Skivvies
    Snapchat Scandals
    This hot YouTube girl snapped herself in bed in a white jumper, which eventually ended in her showing off some wholesome Calvin Klein underwear. Despite having a fairly clean track record and the photo itself not being too revealing, fans were outraged based on the low end of the age range of the YouTuber's fan base.

    DJ Tigerlily's Edited Snap
    Snapchat Scandals
    In recent "news," Australian DJ Tigerlily was a little upset when her playfully censored flash, which cleverly placed emojis on the inappropriate areas, was edited and uploaded without the censors. She responded angrily about the sexual violation, then donated $5,000 to charity, but we already got our charity when we got a taste of the real Tigerlily.

    Ole Miss Scandal
    Snapchat Scandals
    In winter of 2014, a Snapchat username for @olemiss_snaps was uploading several photos and videos of nudity and drug use during finals. The police began investigating, which ended in the account being suspended. In attempts to save face, the account was then changed to OM_snaps. Way to cover up, guys.


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    I guess you have to give him up for adoption now.

    People have been getting freaked out by a YouTube video that shows a toddler named Conner crying in his crib, and then proceeding to balance on his crib while acting like a demon baby from hell. There is even a glow to that little weirdo's eyes.

    The video, posted by Chris and Keelan Chronicles, has been viewed over two million times since it was posted. The caption explains that this was all caught on nanny cam, and that no children were harmed. Check out the video below:

    Many of course have their doubts, with some calling it a fake or a promotion for an upcoming horror film. Whatever the case may be, this video is enough to give anyone nightmares. Or to warn people off ever having kids.

    h/t Mirror

    The hell is wrong with these kids? A 'Child Ghost' Was Caught On Film And It's Creepy As Hell


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